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FNF Music Battle 3D
FNF Music Battle 3D
Friday Night Funkin: Foned In (Mobile Version)
Friday Night Funkin: Foned In (Mobile Version)
FNF Music 3D
FNF Music 3D
Friday Night Funkin vs Demetrios
Friday Night Funkin vs Demetrios
Play friday night funkin for free in our cool Friday Night Funkin' games online without having to download and install patches and updates here on And try out our vast collection of friday night funkin' unblocked games that you can find in our FNF game modes online where you can join our main favourite cartoon characters Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Daddy Dearest, Skid, Pump, Pico, and Mommy Meares. In their endless battles versus our so-called music man who is trying to impress the GF parents, other humans, and characters that will stay in the way of him and his girlfriend. Boyfriend is small in size and looks week and skinny but he will do great when it comes to music, dance, rhythm, rap, and other related things to singing.
What is the Story or the Plot behind Friday Night Funkin?
As mentioned above in this friday night funkin free online game we can see in all the game modes of the FNF game series. The action of the game spins around our Boyfriend. He is always trying to dance and sing as well as possible to impress his girlfriend who is always with him lying down on the speakers behind, and enjoying the rhythm and battle on different songs. Boyfriend must prove to himself and also to others around him, for example to the GF family who are against their relationship from the start. First, you must battle Daddy Dearest who is the father of GF, and beach surfing brother, and the husband of the so-called Mommy Mearest.

Who is Daddy Dearest from the Friday Night Funkin' series?
Well first you can experience a fun musical beat game where you compete in a freestyle music engagement against your girlfriend's father that is called
Daddy Dearest. Where you try to impress him with your musical abilities has been the main adversary of Week 1 and one of the antagonists during Week 5. As you can see from his looks you will definitely figure out that he's an ex-rockstar. You will challenge him on music tracks names like Bopeebo, Fresh, Dadbattle and you will see that he and Mommy Mearest will share a track called Cocoa and Eggnog. Play and have fun with other MODs from this friday night funkin unblocked games.

Who is Mommy Mearest from the Friday Night Funkin' series?
The character Mommy Mearest is of course the mother of GF and the wife of Daddy Dearest. She is the main adversary of Week 4 and also during Week 5. Boyfriend will battle the so-called ''mother in law'' on tracks that are called Satin Panties, High, and M.I.L.F. When you will play the game you will be able to see the demonic-looking appearance of the Mommy Mearest. Who has purple skin, black eyes with red glowing pupils and long auburn hair with several pointed ends, and of course an arched cowlick? She wears a form-fitting red dress underneath a black jacket, black thigh-high heel boots, a black garter belt, golden hoop earrings, a golden necklace, and a pair of golden bracelets on each wrist.

The Continuous Development of Friday Night Funkin' and what can we aspect of the new game modes?
Well, when it comes to the modes you can play, and what can you play in the next following game version or updates of the game? You will see because the game it's pretty famous, many fan-made modes and new game modes from different developers will constantly appear. Also, many people just like you and me have helped and created cool songs and hits that you can try through the game. Here are some of the modes you can experience, but they are constantly updated, and more will be available just, check the game as frequently as possible and have fun in this Friday Night Funkin online free game.

What are the controls in Friday Night Funkin' game modes for the online versions and also mobiles!
All the same settings and controls apply in all games from the FNF series. Meaning you will use the mouse on browsers and the Enter button to select and move from one interface to another. If you want to get back to a previous interface you need only to press the Escape button. To adjust the intensity of the songs throughout the game you must press the + and - and also to increase/decrease the volume. If you press the 0 key this will mute instantly the game volume. On mobile, tablets, iPhones, and Chromebooks you must use your finger to tap on the buttons and arrow to play the game. If you are playing the game on small phone devices it will be difficult to survive the rhythm and game songs. On tablets and Chromebooks you will have a chance to press and point the exact keyboards rising from the bottom of the game interface. Just think that this game mainly was developed as a reaction-time and abilities game for browsers.

All the original Story Modes from the FNF series are related below!
  • Tutorial (Basic, Neo, Chill)
  • Week 1 (Bopeebo Fresh Dadbattle)
  • Week 2 (Spookeez South)
  • Week 3 (Pico Philly Blamed)
  • Week 4 (Satin-Panties High Milf)
  • Week 5 (Cocca Eggnog Winter-Horrorland)
  • Week 6 (Senpai Roses Thorns)
  • Week 7 (Tankman)

About the Story mode from the 
FNF series?
If you are a beginner it is recommended for you to start playing in the ''Story'' mode because many of the developers have implemented in the week modes the possibility to adjust the difficulty of the songs, and rhythm from easy to normal and hard. When you are prepared, or you think you are ready to stop Boyfriend's brain freeze, then you can move to the FreePlay mode mentioned below.

In the FreePlay Mode from the FNF series!
You will be able to enjoy playing, by singing and dancing on the next in time styles: Tutorial, Bopeebo, Fresh, Dadbattle, Spookeez, South, Pico, Philly, Blammed, Satin Panties, High, Milf, Cocoa, Eggnog, Winter Horrorland, Senpai, Roses, Thorns. There is a difference between the two modes. On the Free Play mode, the songs don't have the possibility to be adjusted when it comes to difficulty. Thas why this mode will be difficult to complete and many of the players will give in and get angry.


Original credit of 
Friday Night Funkin'
-Art by PhantomArcade 3K and Evilsk8r
-Music by Kawai Sprite
-Mod by Phykro
-Programming by ninjamuffin99

When was the Friday night Funkin game made (developed) and the relating date?
-Friday Night Funkin 'is a rhythm music battle game that first appeared online on 1 November 2020. The game style was inspired by the world of dance, rap, and R&B music. And as we can see by its popularity the first version of the game was a success and all lead to hundreds of fan-made FNF modes with cool songs that you can play free!

What is Boyfriend's real name from the Friday night Funkin?
This is one of the most frequent questions asked by many of the players who enjoyed the modes from the fnf series. The developers of the game just named our character ''Boyfriend''....Beep bo bop who is young, light-skinned with spiky cyan hair. He wears a white t-shirt with a red prohibition sign on it, blue pants, and red sneakers. Also, wears a backward red cap with a dark blue brim.

What is Girlfriend's real name from the Friday night Funkin?
The second most frequent question asked by many of the players? What is the real name of GF? Because we can see the parent of our GF have names. Why didn't the developer named our Girlfriend? They simply called her ''Girlfriend''!

Where you can play the Friday night Funkin week 7?
There have been many modes with weeks up to six in the fnf series. The full week mode game is available exclusively on Newgrounds, but there is another version called Friday Night Funkin: Tankman ( Week 7 Included ) and it's available to be played free on our website on

Why does Pico from the FNF series have a gun?
Another question we can find between our players is, why Pico has a gun? The story behind this character provides us with the information that Pico has untreated schizophrenia. This causes him to keep his weapons on him at all times due to his fear of being attacked. It is very likely it has evolved after the circumstances of Pico's School as it would have had a great impact on him severely.

Can Friday Night Funkin be played on mobiles?
As the last mode versions from the FNF games, we can mention some names like Friday Night Funkin VS Dr. Springheel, FNF: Starlight Mayhem, FNF: Summer Vacation, and many more. The games were optimized to work smoothly on mobile devices, tablets, and Chromebooks. Giving you the possibility to download the version you desire on your mobile device and play it on the go. 

How old is the boyfriend in Friday night Funkin?
Behind the BF story, we can see that the age is mentioned, making our protagonist singer somewhere as a teenage of 19 years old. The appearance of the Boyfriend is described above, so scroll up and read if you want to know more information about our famous singer.

Is the Friday night Funkin free on PC?
As the game was created as a passion for music, dance, and rhythm for the Newground platform. The developer's Ninjamuffin99, Phantom Arcade, and Evilsk8r added no additional cost for the version on PC. As the game will evolve who knows maybe it will get optimized to run on all devices, providing cool things for the characters. It could end up with things that could be purchased from the game! We don't know for sure, we can only what and play as many game modes from the friday night funkin free online game provided by many of the developers of the game.

What are the best mobile,
tablets, iPhones, and Chromebooks Friday Night Funkin' games to play in 2021?
Very Useful Links from where to download the FNF game modes, support the developers, and more just check them out!